Monday, September 24, 2012

It's feeling like Fall... our first fall-esque weekend, a recap

Consider this post my Love Letter to Fall this week! We had a great weekend as a little family, tooling around, soaking in the sights and adventures that fall has to offer, and I wanted to share with you some pictures. It's rare when we have an entire weekend with the husband around, since he usually works on Saturdays, but due to all of us being "under the weather" this weekend, he took Saturday off... so it's bitter sweet, but provided enough R&R that we are all back on our feet.

ABOVE: our little one is very into "Ribers" i.e. Rivers and playing in them is always a welcome treat. This time we went to the Delaware Ashland Nature Center, which was perfect since The Brandywine park was sooo crowded with two separate highschool cross country meets.

Saturday was rather warm and in the 70's but the river was very chilly. Once we all acclimated to the water, we had a fun time walking around, slipping on the rocks and getting wet, and watching little dog try to avoid having to swim anywhere.

This weekend we made homemade Miso Soup, perfect food! The little one helped with the seaweed part, although her definition of helping always requires eating. We have a seaweed thief on our hands! get some!

On Saturday we also picked beets. "Beets hea-bee". We still have quite a few left that should be picked this week since some little white thing is starting to eat them. Gross and not cool!

And who needs a stuffed animal when you can play with a beet in the driveway?
she's an odd one alright! ; )

And little dog is not too keen on the cooler temps and open windows, here she is smashing her nose into her bed as best she can without cutting off her oxygen supply.

On Sunday we met our friends at Linvilla. That place is INTENSE. We went there over the summer for the strawberry festival, but this was our first time for pumpkin season! Pretty intense compared to our New England low key apple pickings...

The little miss on a large pumpkin...

(too bad about the glare on this one)

such pretty blue skies

picking apples with Dad's help


And with her little friend, pulling the little red wagon through the orchard.

Since our toddler is actually mobile this fall, we are pretty excited to take her to other fall fairs and the like. So I've been doing a little research for more local fall activities we can do as a family. I'll be sure to report back!

have a great start to your week!

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