Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Halloween Decorations at GrayDayStudio

I love Halloween, and I'm not talking about the Halloween where people use it as an excuse to dress up slutty... I mean the spooky magical Halloween of my childhood. When my Mom would make us elaborate costumes and we would venture off of the farm to go trick or treating in my grandparent's neighborhood. I love their house with it's neon 60's and 70s Halloween decor. Some very classic images of Halloween.  

Thus I wanted to offer some festive neon inspired Halloween Decorations at GrayDayStudio.

Here is

The last image shows all three garlands hung together!

 Remember you can save 10% when you order more than 3 garlands with code "3Garlands" at checkout!

Happy Halloween!!

1 comment: said...

Nice decoration ideas! Hope to see more soon!


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