Friday, July 8, 2011

how does your garden grow...?

We came home from our 4th of July weekend spent at the shore to see one of our Brandywines had finally ripened!! Yahoo! (thanks to our neighbor Jim for watering while we were gone!) I'll admit we jumped the gun on our tomatoes this year. We planted them in April in large black pots and I think that's why they are ready and ripening up. The black pots allowed them to really heat up during the day- as opposed to planting them in the ground, which takes forever to heat up... we also gave them fish emulsion about once a week at the beginning. As well as watered them every other day and pulled the suckers, etc.  We had our fair share of pests- mostly little bugs and now I will admit that one of our tomato plants looks like it has some rot- killing the fruit from the inside out.  Maybe a side affect from too much of a good thing...? I do not know. BUT I want to get really really good at growing my own tomatoes, and this year we have learned more about the art of cultivating produce!

Elsewhere in the garden, our purple beans have been the best crop so far! We are definitely going to plant them again next year. They yield so many beans and we have been making baby food from them like crazy (as well as eating some ourselves!). I love that our baby is transitioning from breast milk to solids by eating veggies that we grow in our backyard. Pretty bad ass.  I mix the beans with tomato and basil for a fun little medley. She loves basil and it's exciting to introduce different flavors at 8 months. Of course we also cook up carrots and sweet potato (as seen above). We don't grow these in our garden, not yet! ; ) You can read about our Beaba cooker HERE.

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