Monday, April 12, 2010

an etsy baby registry

In my personal opinion- after supporting your local artists and boutiques, why would you want to shop anywhere other than Etsy!? As a result I've been suggesting the idea of a gift registry to the etsy community for some time now. It would be perfect for weddings, bridal and baby showers, a sweet 16th birthday, etc etc.

And since I myself am pregnant I thought it would be fun to make a blog post with the inspiration of a baby registry.  Included are some fun shops and nifty ideas to inspire your own baby shopping endeavors!

Pistachio Pillowmint woodland bear, by Sleepy King.

Cute hand embroderied onsie by missymagoo.

Cuckoo Clock onsie by pepperHems.

Peanut onsie by babycakesanddecors.

Cute Diaper bag option- The Reese bag by JimmyKDesigns.

Birdsong bag, another cute diaper bag option, by retrofied.

Love Letterpress and this is a fantastic shop- kirtlandhouse- with great stationary for any occasion!

Custom Crib bedding by pongobaby.

Beautiful hand made baby slings by Polkadotpapoose.

Diaper changing mats by Puddletonsbaby.

Be prepared for more baby related posts in the future, but have no fear I will keep variety on my blog!


Jenny said...

Great idea!

I just wanted to add to your list that a friend of mine has been selling screen-printed onesies on etsy. This Fast Wheels design in blue is my favorite:

Meghan said...

Such a great idea! I've been looking to Etsy for lots of wedding inspiration, so it doesn't surprise me that they have fabulous baby gifts too.

abigail said...

HI Jenny- thanks for the link!

and Meghan- I know what you mean, I wish I had looked more at etsy for our wedding, but I had luck on ebay AND etsy with what I needed- vintage table clothes and tea tins!


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