Monday, March 17, 2014

Knitting to do / wish list

Knitting can become very addictive, at least for me anyway. The sense of accomplishment is so rewarding you just want to start something else immediately after finishing each project. I just finished this darling tunic for our daughter and it was so fast (as child knits are) that I finished it in 4 days! Which made me kick myself for not knitting it back in November, but I knit it with cotton yarn so she should be able to wear it for most of the spring. ;-/ So on the heels of that project I'm itching to start something else, and here is my short list!

I've been casting on and tearing out this lovely scarf/ shawl "A Little Romance" since last spring. I can't wrap my brain around this one yet.. hence the mistakes and then I put it aside for a few months and knit something else. But I should really start this one again- i.e.: lock myself in a room without any distractions until I understand the pattern and stop making mistakes!

The lola shawl, is one of those pieces that has convinced me that I could indeed wear a shawl! 

And the Aisance cardigan is very simple and classic!

of course should it EVER stop snowing around here and warm up, I'll probably be inspired to knit a warm weather piece... as it always happens, I cant knit ahead for the next season... I'm working on it!

If you knit or crochet you and I can be friends on ravelry GrayDay and see even more on my favorites.

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