Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Art Fair recap... What I learned

Well I had an eye opening expereince this weekend at the art fair I was in!

here's what I learned and thus what I will do differently in the future!

First for some background: I checked out the pictures from last year and hardly anyone had tents... So I thought I wouldn't be alone if I didn't drop $100-$200 on a craft fair tent. Yeah well I was and when the rain came in the afternoon I looked pretty pathetic! Luckily my artwork was all sealed in plastic and protected.... But still it wasn't good or professional looking!

BUT a lot of good ideas came out of this wet experience- 1- Get a bleeping tent, enough said.
2- For the Most part people love to buy things they can wear, it's part of this whole instant gratification mindset, also it's easy to digest- you like, you buy, you put it on and walk along your merry way. Where as with artwork you have to worry about a frame, and then a place to put it! (this is a no brainer for me, but maybe not so for others? Or at least that's what I tell myself to help lick my wounds!)

Needless to say I sold my necklaces, vintage tshirts and tin cans, but NO artwork, NONE! Which was a shame since my prints have done so well in the past... Luckily I did make back the money I spent on admission to the fair and then some- enough to buy Cameron an around town vintage bike (ie $60).

So now I am cooking up a knitting shop business idea. So stay tuned for more about that and where to buy the goods!!! In the meantime I have relisted artwork and necklaces on my etsy shop! here's the Link.

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