Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fruit flies- how to eliminate them

We came back from England this week to find our kitchen swarming with fruit flies!

Honestly we had a few before we left but NOW they are really, really out of control!

So I went ahead and looked up how to get rid of them and I thought I would share it with my blog audience.

Use a soda bottle, or a bowl, and fill the bottom with a combination of vinegar (cider vinegar) and water with a touch of dishwashing liquid. Then cover the container with cling wrap and poke a few holes in it with a fork or a knife. THEN the fruit flies will fly in and get stuck and poof your own home made trap!

They also recommend cleaning out cabinets and eliminating any possible breeding areas. Old potatoes, your drain or disposal, compost bin, spills and the cracks between appliances and cabinets.

Good Luck. I'll let you know how we fare with our little trap!

Our traps worked incredibly well! It's really gross how many fruitflies we had, which we didn't realize until we cleaned out our traps and set new ones.

What I learned: The addition of liquid dishsoap is helpful but not necessary. It helps to trap them in the bubbles. The cling wrap is a MUST since it keeps them inside the cup or bottle. We used Juice bottles, cups and even bowls and all worked equally well. I also heard that besides cider vinegar- that balsamic works well as does wine, or scotch. But work with what ever you have around- in our case cider vinegar.

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