Sunday, January 25, 2009


I didn't complete a lot of "projects" this week to post on the 'ol blog- I was busy with work and hosting our Friend Nathaniel Wilder- from the great AK who stopped by after the inauguration en route to Bean town.... It was a great week, but I am looking forward to Sunday to get some painting in! In the meantime here are some images I am considering working from.

This first one was taken in New Hampshire this fall on our visit with Zerek and Suzy. We went to the apple orchard where they work.
This one was taken the last time I was in Alaska- in the summer of '07 in Homer. Very Alaskan photo.
The compost pile at the farm/ orchard in New Hampshire.... Stay tuned for some future painting postings!

1 comment:

M. Crane said...

They are all beautiful photos, but I think the third one would make a great painting.


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