Monday, January 5, 2009

Button and lace set the pace

This entry is part of a little series I have been posting- about how to recycle your unworn clothes, jewelry etc- in order to breath new life into them, to wear them once again. With renewing an article of clothing by adding an embellishment, - you achieve a sense of accomplishment that does not compare to any bargain shopping find. Not only is a crafty idea like this one good for your wallet but it is also good for the environment. You are reusing the article of clothing not to mention the buttons!
This sweater I made almost four years ago. I simply took an unworn cardigan and spent a good chunk of time sewing buttons to it. I used my mother and grandmother's discarded button collections as well as those odd buttons you get as extras when you buy a new garment. I love this cardigan it makes me think of Bert from Mary Poppins- something a chimney sweep would wear- with all the buttons. It jingles now and then.
This sweater I embellished this fall. I inherited about 4 or so cashmere v-neck cardigans from my grandfather's wardrobe.  In order to spice them up and to get away from the boring boxiness that comes with a man's sweater- I have set forth in embellishing them. This is the first completed of the four.
I have learned that I approach embellishing a sweater- in the same way I approach my artwork- I might not always have a finished concept cemented in my mind, but I enjoy the process along the way and even when it appears precarious and that I might be in a jam- I muddle through, knowing that it will all turn out in the end, no matter how unexpected the result. I enjoy what I learn in the process of making- thus my endeavor is not only for a finished product but it also acts as a fact finding mission- where I gather information, learning from my mistakes and successes.

As I mentioned earlier- since this was originally a man's sweater- it is more boxy- so in addition to adding the lace and the occasional button, I folded the sleeves under to a 3/4 length and lightly sewed them in place- this made the sweater more feminine. 

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