Thursday, May 15, 2014

NEW original Oil Paintings at GrayDayStudio

Hi all (boy its been a while! Yikes, sorry about that...!) Just popping in to check on my blog and wanted to share two new original paintings that I listed in my etsy shop, GrayDayStudio, this month.

Above is "Orange Roses" painted in oil on a 10x10" wooden panel.

"In a Setting of Her Own" Oil on panel 12x12"

There are also a few new silkscreens in the shop as well as a new edition of my "Onward to the Sea" tote bag.

(life has once again been busy- with our son's 1st birthday, then Easter and Spring Break... and now it's May which is almost half way over! I hope to do some personal blogging here soon so stay tuned!)

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