Tuesday, May 14, 2013

crickets... ie: explaining my blog absence..

I'd like to think and thus be able to say that this blog post in an indication that I'm Back baby! That I'll once again be blogging on a regular daily basis, that I haven't given up on this mini creative outlet, or outreach... And I haven't given up, just simply finding a new rhythm and prioritizing my new life as a mom of two. (which is still kinda wild to say and type!)

So where have I been this last month and what's been going on!?

Well, firstly I didn't expect to take a month off from my blog, in fact after our daughter was born blogging became a very regular thing but that's life with one... now we have a toddler AND a baby and even though the baby sleeps well and gives us nice 4-5 hr stretches, our daughter has suddenly started not sleeping so well. BUMMER. After 4 months of being a stellar sleeper in her big bed, she now gets out of her bed a few times during the night... so that's awesome (eye roll). I'll be sure to blog more about this toddler wakeful thing later (fingers crossed).

So this past month has seen its challenges, mainly in the nursing department... I got sick, had to heal, and get breast feeding back up and running... it was rough for a few weeks there, but we are back on track. Our son is gaining weight at a crazy pace and thanks to our awesome lactation consultant, I stuck with it and have been able to continue to nurse. (it was touch and go there for a while, thought I might have to throw in the towel). But now nursing still takes forever and requires both hands... so add that to the baby needing to nurse every 2-3 hrs... and thats all I've been doing, but I have the perspective that babyhood is fleeting and this time next year I'll have more free time- yah know to stay on top of the dishes and laundry, like a true cliche.

Besides all the nitty gritty, we are having fun with our newest addition! He's very sweet and chill. He's smiling a bit more this week.. like he's thinking back on some inside joke. We managed to go the shore at the end of April for a long weekend, and it was fun to see how we faired out and about as a family of four.

Well, thats the condensed version...! I hope to elaborate on some hidden themes in future posts. I hope your last 5 weeks have been glorious with spring time! Cant believe we are half way through May!!!

See you back here soon!


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