Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Mother's day gift, belated

I found this vintage antique grain sack on Etsy- it had the letters N and J on it which are the initials of my maternal grandparent's first names. They passed away a couple of years ago... And so I thought this lovely letter coincidence would make a nice pillow for my mom.  I went to a Marshall's home store and found a large down pillow for my project for only $19!  I sewed a seam at the "top" in order to have the initials reside towards the bottom of the case. Then I hemmed the bottom and flipped the ends under to make an overlapping flap as the closure of the case, avoiding any zippers, or buttons and making it easy to get the pillow in and out for cleaning, etc.

I gave it to my mom as a belated Mother's day present- during our Memorial Day weekend- visit. Here it is on a chair in their library.

Above a picture of the grainsack in it's original state as seen in it's etsy listing. Check out grainsack's etsy shop for other fun vintage linen finds!  As you can see this grain sack was VERY long- so I have enough fabric to make a second pillow, or to use in my couch redo project! I'll let my blog audience know what I decide to do with the remaining fabric!

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