Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My week at home... so far

We came back early from Christmas break for work and to spend my remaining vacation days- in my new revamped studio that is in our new living room (pictures to come of our apt redo once we have fully unpacked!) Despite being woken up by my our neighbors down stairs arguing and yelling f*** at 6:30 in the morning EVERY MORNING, this week as been very relaxing and productive!
Here are some pics!
I am working hard on my Grayday shop this week. Making pillows and painting little containers to list at the beginning of January. These crocheted pillows have been a big trend, so I have repurposed some vintage blankets for the task! Here's the first pillow of 3 in this warm wool genre.
Yesterday Cam went to the local Fish market and bought some haddock and then cooked it up with rice and a frozen medley of veg! Very good and the perfect mid day lunch!

I've been making more of our long loopy necklaces for our Urban Knitfit's etsy shop. I've perfected how to make them with a few little tricks, allowing me to make more in less time!

Some upcoming posts to keep an eye out for: Netflix Queue review, Apartment before and after, New Year's resolutions.... etc

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