Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well I put this on my facebook status a month or so back- but after reading this blog on What I Wore- I am inspired to list my goals and intentions on my own blog. In the past I have found that by listing my projects on this blog actually holds me accountable for them and helps me get them done since they are more public!! So I figured if I do this on a bigger scale it will translate! Here goes:

I would love to be my own boss, to determine my own schedule, to make a living off of living, off of my interests and skills, or talents. To paint and get paid for it! To do some freelance decorating, to have a little bit of everything in my life that my "job" is an effortless expression or extension of my daily interests. I want to be one of those cool etsy sellers, while also being an active member of my local art community.

there, now it's public! awesome

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