Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Like a Lion!

March has come roaring in like a Lion with Delaware's annual snow storm, that's right we get about one big one and this was it, for now at least. Cameron and I went to my folk's house and Cameron helped my Dad with the driveway. Later they went around and plowed for some of the neighbors. How neighborly! 
Poor Millie, I was a jerk and threw her toy out in the snow so I could get this picture of her with snow all over her face. We had almost 6 inches and that easily came up to her chin, so watching her maneuver around was pretty funny!
Some recent knitting projects I finished in the last two weeks. The gray hat- I made for my sister. Complete with three rows of bobbles, which were new for me! Thank you youtube! I made the hat out of gray baby alpaca- soft stuff! The gray cowlneck/scarf was for my Aunt Deb who is here visiting for the week from the UK, and the brown hat is for my Uncle Roger. Now that they own a dog and live on a farm in the country- I thought they might need some warm gear for those long walks!
Here is my Aunt Deb in her cowl-neck/ scarf this weekend. She spruced it up with the addition of a pin. This was made from the same gray baby alpaca yarn. I made it on round 10, or 11 needles- cast on about 130 and then decreased after a bit- hence the bottom part is really big, which is nice if you are wearing a v-neck- it will really cover you up! Then I decreased one more time at the top- so she can pull it above her nose to protect it from the elements!

I'll post pictures of my sister in her hat if and when she sends me one!

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