Friday, March 13, 2009

A hat for... ME!

First off- excuse my tired, tired face I made this post shortly after waking up!
SOOOO I made a hat for me! IT had been a long long time since I have knit anything for myself and after completing it I can think of someone I might give it to, so we'll see!
Originally it was not suppose to even be a hat! I wanted to make myself a collar- similar to the one I made for my Aunt- see earlier post.  I had this great white yarn I bought off of ETSY and my intention was to make something I could throw on during these weird in between- spring time months coming up- where we have a 50 degree day then a low 40s.. 
But it didn't look right as a collar- too grungy and did not show off the cool white yarn I bought (it has metallic blues and silvers in it!) SO I closed it up and made it into a big slouchy hat.
Cameron and I joke that it's my Rastah hat. Which I don't "love" but it's funny! Since the yarn I bought was only 75 yds long I used a lot of other yarn to make up this hat. I recycled! I used the left over yarn from my sister's gray hat, the gray from Liam's skull hat, the white from the hat Cameron knit, etc.  It's nice to use up all the bits. And it doesn't look TOO mis-moshed.

I am making a lot of progress on the sweater I wrote about- I might go to the yarn store on Sunday for some help. I'll keep you posted!

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